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About Digital Art / Student Official Beta Tester MiaFemale/United States Groups :iconchibi-art-group: Chibi-Art-Group
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Best Works~



Endou Blink chibi

Inazuma Eleven stamp by wrecklingInazuma Eleven Endou Stamp by digital-strikeIna11 - Endou stamp by Numbuh9Endou Mamoru stamp by LightJojoEndou Mamoru stamp by Monkeychild123Endou Mamoru Stamp by BrunoProg64.::Stamp - RageFace!Endou::. by ChicaTHEndou Kanon stamp by Monkeychild123Stamp Usakage by H-k31




I love anime so I devote myself to nothing but my art work. I draw every single day. (I mean a day without drawing is just murder!!) Well there's nothing else to say except that I hope to make new friends and I hope you all enjoy my artwork! Lovely Logo made by the awesome demeters
Other sites where you can find me

Request: MayomiCCz by Black-Blood-RavenCM : Mike Page Doll by Nuku-NikuAT: MayomiCCz by RaivenceGift : Sky by Nuku-NikuAT : Hope you like it Misaki by Nuku-NikuTyson by Jackaloops



Let-it-rip! by MayomiCCz
It's so cute it doesn't need a title by MayomiCCz

If you’d like to see a character drawn orlike to know who I am drawing next, comeand visit my BLOG!

My Most RECENT speed paint:

~Good Friends~

Long Time Buddies

Long Time Buddies: People I've meet when I first started out doing CG! I meet majority of them on RMD (ratemydrawings) and YouTube
(In NO order)

My besties in REAL LIFE: People I know and are super awesome!~

People I've made friends with here on DA(deviantART) and are the coolest and sweetest people ever! (Still adding to the list)

Gingka Hagane



Ginga Stamp 3 by DeeRazzy.:WHAT:. by l-Cecil-lGinga Stamp 2 by DeeRazzyGinga Stamp 1 by DeeRazzyGinga Stamp 4 by DeeRazzyginga Stamp 5 by DeeRazzy
Gingka Icon for MayomiCCz by lOyamanekoMetal Fight Beyblade - Gingka Hagane 9 by KinakoJurai




Meet Champ~
An aspiring young Hitmontop who works hard all the time!
He can be a bit shy at times, but he is a kind, gentle young lad who only
wishes to get along with others. He currently resides in the
Tech area of the wonder Poke' Park!
His job is working on the railways and railroads~
To learn more about Champ, refer to this…
This is exclusively for the group:Pokejinka-Park

My F.A.Q



"G E N E R A L"

Q. How old are you?
A. 19 YESH

Q. Where do you live?
A. United States...nuff said

Q. What nationality are you?
A. I am African American (yes, I AM black. Shocking that most people don't know this)

Q. How long have you been drawing?
A. Roughly about 9 to 10 years.

Q. Can we be friends? Can I have your MSN/skype/yahoo/IM?
A. Um, that would be a possible no, sorry. Though I enjoy talking to and meeting new people, I don't know you well enough to give information like that out. Get to know me first, then we may see.

Q. Can you check out my drawings and give me some tips?
A. I'd like to but wont sorry. Just practice. That's honestly all it takes, you can't learn it over night.

"C G I N G/V I D E O "

Q. What programs do you use for your digital colouring?
A. MS Paint, Paint.NET, Paint Tool SAI, and Photoshop CS3

Q. Do you have to buy these programs? Where do you get them from?
A. MS Paint should come with like, EVERY Windows computer. If not then I'm sure there are free downloads swimming around the net - everything is pretty much available for download if you look hard enough. I suggest torrenting. I've never found a virused link yet.
As for Paint Tool SAI, there is a free month trial at it's English site where you can also buy it. Again, you can also torrent it online.
Goes the same for Paint.NET and Photoshop for ALL of it's versions.

Q. What tablet do you use? How much was it?
A. Intus 4 Wacomb Graphic tablet
(Birthday Gift bro)

Q. How do you do lineart/colouring/blending in SAI/Photoshop?
A. Lineart in SAI - Pen tool, ink pen tool, and sometimes Brush tool, with a 15-S4 stabilizer
Colouring in SAI - Pen tool and bucket for filling, water colour/marker brush/Acrylic for blending
Lineart in photoshop - Hard round brush, using an opacity of 100%
colouring in Photoshop - Hard round brush and bucket for filling, soft round air brush with opacity of 75% and eraser with opacity of 48%

Q. How do you colour your lines in SAI?
A. Set your lineart layer to preserve opacity. Then colour away.(Or create new layer above lineart, set that layer to clipgroup)

Q. What do you use to record your screen?
A. Apowersoft Online Screen recorder

Once again I am having this reoccurring issue with my tablet. No matter what, I seem to fall short of attaining a fully functioning tablet. I still have my first one.(THE REALLY OLD ONE WITH THE BROKEN PEN) and it's been serving its purpose so far. But it's really hard to work with a the opposite side of a tablet pen if all it does is erase on every other program that is not SAI? The worst part is that there is no way to replace this pen so I am stuck with a half functioning pen! And a mouse......ugh

Still I am doing my absolute best to get things done as neatly and as quickly as possible. It's just been a real drag not having a working tablet. I will figure something out though so I will continue to draw what I am able to with what it is I have.

On a side note, as you can see, I am working on yet another project. A VA if you will that will slowly turn into an RPG. I do hope I can do more with this but as it stands, I won't be able to until I get a better tablet.
For some small information, here are some links and pics to help entice you guy's curiosity.…
Ephemera Universe: Mayomi by MayomiCCzEphemera Universe: Yuki by MayomiCCz

And of course, my comic project will be put on hold considering the fact that the site I placed it on is planning on shutting down.
But know this is still being worked on as well.

RIFTER-Cover-page by MayomiCCzJust Cause by MayomiCCz

:iconfirstfear: :iconfirstfear: :iconfirstfear:

Comic by DogurasCommission for Pickled-Radish by inmaHappy V-Day by TerraTerrificI t ' s   n o   u s e ! by ChiikaliciousThundercats 2011 Panorama by glitcherYoung Thranduil Design by BrilcristThe Valkyrie Princess by sunimuGet Jinxed by neon-draneHeartseeker Ashe by ArlequinneGoku- Satellite Soda Daily Draw February by bigmac996Demon boy by jurikoi

Cheap 100:points: Sketch commissions Closed until further notice

I don't know

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  • Playing: Naruto: NSR
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MayomiCCz's Profile Picture
Artist | Student | Digital Art
United States
I love anime so I devote myself to nothing but my art work. I draw every single day. (I mean a day without drawing is just murder!!) Well there's nothing else to say except that I hope to make new friends and I hope you all enjoy my artwork :meow:



~I still can't believe I have over 40 thousand views~

This is for the 48,000 and the 48,001 winner!~
:star:(Special Bonus Prize for my 50K Winner):star:

RE::~so how does it work?~

Simply note me with a screen shot of the 48,000 & 48,001 view. (An easy way to do this is to press the "PRTSC SYSRQ"/PRINT SCREEN" key located to the right of the F12 key, open any program 'recommend MS paint' edit and paste the screen shot and save it.) Be sure to link it to me if you post it on a different website like photobucket

Anyone to get this gets a free chibi of their choice! EXP:
Kiriban prize 38k winner by MayomiCCzKiriban prize 38k winner 2 by MayomiCCz
:star:(For the winner of my 50K pageview, they will recive not only a full coloured chibi of their choice, but a non-chibi full body drawing w/ a background as well!!):star:
EXP: Commission: Cosmic Rainbow Star by MayomiCCz
Have FUN everyone!!!

Caught by:
:iconkaji-koneko: :iconangelfeather13:

:heart:Congratulations you two!~:heart:


[Art Trades] :bulletorange:ASK ME!~

STATUS BAR: Look to see the progress
Blue Progress Bar by happy-gurl

*NOTE* I tend to skip around A LOT when doing Art Trades. I'm really sorry I've made some of you all wait so long. I'm getting them all done as quickly as possible

Blue Progress Bar 3 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 1 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 2 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 2 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 5 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 4 out of 5 by happy-gurl
Blue Progress Bar 3 out of 5 by happy-gurl

:bulletred:>>>Not Started| :bulletblue:>>>W.I.P| :bulletgreen:>>>DONE

[Commissions]:bulletred: Closed

Evelyn-ka-aka-Eliko2Chibi Full Colours:bulletblue:(FC)s

NightAngelTDC2Chibi Art Full Colours:bulletblue:(FCs)

Infinite-Clouds-94 Chibi (lineart):bulletblue:

Shide-Dy 2 Art Full Colurs:bulletblue:(FC)s Working on this

Makojupiter 2 Art Full Colours:bulletblue:(FC)s

AgatsumaSoubi20 Art Full Colour:bulletblue:(OC)

XxNikkiAngelxX 3 Chibi Art Full Colours:bulletblue:(FC)




[GIFTS]:bulletblue: People that I feel deserve these ; w ;


(Still Finding more super people to give gifts too ; W ; )


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